The Worst Part of Publishing a Book

The reality is this: people don’t buy books that don’t have reviews. It’s a maddening chicken-and-egg syndrome.

I’m going to confess the most embarrassing, make-me-feel-squidgy part of writing and publishing a book. It’s not putting yourself out there, saying “I created this art. Please experience it.” (Although that is difficult.) It’s not writing about sex. (Although that’s its own level of interesting.) It’s not even asking people to spend money to read … Continue reading “The Worst Part of Publishing a Book”

Why I Included a Soundtrack

In my book, after the copyright and before the dedication, you’ll notice that there’s a list of songs. A soundtrack. In general, I love the idea of soundtracks. Movies rarely do soundtracks the way they used to. The soundtracks of yore were much better, worked into movies to completely fit the corresponding scene. They were designed to … Continue reading “Why I Included a Soundtrack”

Why Did I Self-Publish?

It’s the question I get asked most often. Why forego the chance to sign with a major publisher by choosing to self-publish? At first I wrote Worst-Kept Secret with the absolute intent of self-publishing. But as it was edited and I rewrote it multiple times, I started to think, You know what? Maybe this is … Continue reading “Why Did I Self-Publish?”