Pay to Play, Self-Publishing Style

My goal is 50 reviews. Can I do it?

I’m going to talk about reviews again. This self-publishing learning curve is all-consuming. I’m currently trying to finish writing another book (nonfiction, nothing to do with Sienna Cash’s work) but I’m still mired in marketing for WORST-KEPT SECRET. I’ll tell you something you may not know, particularly with fiction, and particularly for me: Marketing is … Continue reading “Pay to Play, Self-Publishing Style”

Review contest with author Kate Reigstad!

A review throwdown with a fellow author. It’s ON!

My author friend, Kate Reigstad, and I were lamenting talking about indie publishing. Specifically the topic of yesterday’s post: reviews. Was there a fun, unobtrusive way to get more? Light bulb: a review challenge. My book vs. hers. WORST-KEPT SECRET vs. FAST-FORWARD. Unlike me, Kate has written a few books. The most recent is FAST … Continue reading “Review contest with author Kate Reigstad!”

The Worst Part of Publishing a Book

The reality is this: people don’t buy books that don’t have reviews. It’s a maddening chicken-and-egg syndrome.

I’m going to confess the most embarrassing, make-me-feel-squidgy part of writing and publishing a book. It’s not putting yourself out there, saying “I created this art. Please experience it.” (Although that is difficult.) It’s not writing about sex. (Although that’s its own level of interesting.) It’s not even asking people to spend money to read … Continue reading “The Worst Part of Publishing a Book”