About Sienna Cash

616knCenuBL._UY200_ Sienna Cash grew up in the suburbs of Boston and lives in Colorado with her family. The idea for her first novel, WORST-KEPT SECRET, and its pivotal scene (read it to find it!) came to her in a dream, but it had nothing to do with a meadow or vampires. She has never had a treehouse like the one that figures so prominently in WORST-KEPT SECRET, but she still wants one. A1wIxAm4w0L._UX250_Even though her first novel is for adults, she loves young-adult romances and thinks Stephanie Perkins is the bomb. Sienna wrote WORST-KEPT SECRET for people who are in love with love—the nostalgic kind, the heartbreaking kind, the blindsiding kind, and the keep-it-real kind. She is currently working on the sequel to WORST-KEPT SECRET, due for publication in 2017.