The sequel is almost here. Be the first to see it!

Title + Cover Reveal Coming to Your In-Box!

Why yes, it’s been over a year and change since I last posted. Funny how writing, editing, and wrangling three kids and a husband can interfere with a life. But trust me, I have been working, and the result is on the literary horizon. I promised the sequel to WORST-KEPT SECRET by the end of 2017 and I don’t break promises. Well, except the one where I say I’ll blog often.

The last year has been truly unprecedented. I must say that. So many readers are responding to the book. I’m up to 71 reviews on Amazon, which, compared to other self-published books in this genre, is impressive. I’m so grateful to those readers who gave Charlie and Wade’s world a chance. It made it that much more fun to dive back into it.

I’m inches away from a title + cover reveal. If you want to be the first to know what it is, make sure you’ve entered your email address (which I will NEVER use for anything else besides news related to my books) in the box to the right.

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